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All Translation Projects

  • Hisae Genie Obana (2022)
    One of the main activities of History in Translation is collaborative translation. The document is of the interview with Hisae Genie Obana, a US citizen in Hiroshima, on August 6, 1945, when the atomic bomb attacked the city. After each of us translated individually, we had a group session online to blush up on our translations. During the program, we … Read more
  • Japanese-American US Veterans (2020-2022)
    The Service Translation group began translating a 64+ page document from English to Japanese, provided by our community partner, Go For Broke National Education Center, in order for Japanese people, or those who can only read Japanese, to learn more about Japanese Americans who served in the US military during WWII while many of their families were unfairly incarcerated, as … Read more